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Hope you like my work with gimp and Nikon D5000 .


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Change the firefox theme without restarting.

How often you wished that you could change the theme for firefox without restarting. Well sometime back Mozilla came up with Light weight themes called personna’s but if that is not sufficient for you and you still want to change the theme and do not want to restart then you should install this theme.

Once you install this theme, you will not note any change (Don’t forget to restart after installing the theme.)

But after installing the theme when you change the theme, you will see that firefox will not ask you to restart instead the window will close and open automatically (probably this is required to re-render the Window with the new theme) but Firefox need not be restarted. So, you can change your theme without restart.

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viewnior – another image viewer on Linux (with support for GIF)

Here is another Linux viewer (Image) that is worth a mention. URL :

Description :

Viewnior is an image viewer program. Created to be simple, fast and elegant.¬† It\’s minimalistic interface provides more screen space for your images. Among¬† its features are:

* Fullscreen & Slideshow
* Rotate, flip, save, delete images
* Animation support
* Browse only selected images
* Navigation window
* Simple interface
* Configurable mouse actions

The best part about the viewer is the ability to display gif inherently. Worth a look if you are using a lot of gif images.