captcha\’s implemented finally.

For last couple of time I had tried to set the captcha to avoid spam. Getting nearly 2-3 spam now everyday and is on the increasing side, so finally I worked out to put the spam control meaasure – captcha\’s.

With the captcha\’s in place, I have removed the moderation on the comments, but still reserver the right to remove a comment without any reason.

If you find any issues with the captcha let me know at

AndreaMosiac.. The way to create a mosaic.

Download from here, AndreaMosaic. It us cinoketekt free for personal use and does just what the name says, creates mosaic. I tried this on Linux and was flawless with wine. Good show 🙂

Here\’s how to use it:

Start AndreaMosaic

and select your base file by clicking on the \”+\”:\"\"
And now select the images that would tile to give you the base image. Click on select tiles:
To start off, click on ok and then create mosaic on the initial window and you get your first mosaic. Here\’s an example:
There are various settings you can tweak to get different effects, so enjoy 🙂

Local DNS Server for faster DNS response time

Here\’s a quick tip for faster DNS response time. I installed a local DNS server which can contact the remote DNS server and enabled caching for the local DNS server. This ensures that the response time for the DNS queries is much faster.

I am on Fedora 10, so here\’s what I was required to do:

yum install dnsmasq

After this I created a file called /etc/resolve.dns with the nameserver address\’s and heres what it looks like:


And then configure the DNS server to use the newly created file for the DNS name resolution.


And then configure your network interface to listen to the local interface and you are done. So now when a DNS query is made for the first time, the local DNS server queries the servers given in the file.  So enjoy a little faster browsing time.