gnome-blog — Deskbar applet for blogging

Image by Getty Images via Daylife

Chanced upon utility called gnome blog. A nifty nice deskbar applet that can be used to post your blogs quickly.


vim search multiple files

Searching some pattern in multiple files is something that is required very often. There are multiple ways to do it, like grep, ack, find and so on so forth. But if your editor already has the capability to do that, then why leave your favourite vi and go to shell. I will point you to some scripts and some wiki pages on how to do this 🙂


Running Nested X server

Today I was trying to do a XDMCP connection to the other server ( which is solaris, not sure if that matters) so I used the Xnest server. and used the following command:

Xnest :1 -ac -query <host>

And I was getting the error:

AUDIT: Tue Dec 2 20:40:03 2008: 1470 Xnest: client 2 rejected from IP <>

I tried allowing the host to use the display but not use. The command I used was

xhost + <host name>

But no use…. I tried searchin using google but found nothing. So I \”read the fine manual\” and found the key I was looking for, to disable all the client access control restrictions:

Xnest :1 -ac -query skyware

And voila. Thought will share this for you all 🙂
[edit] will add more details on what is XDMCP tomorrow.