Ubuntu Sucks Like a Shopvac and Other Linux Rants

Almost 100 articles and blogs on the topic of “ubuntu sucks” were published in the past month alone, and about as many were published that unequivocally state Windows is better than Ubuntu.

But upon closer examination, I found that a substantial portion of these negative reactions to Ubuntu stem from unrealistic comparisons.

Almost all of the hurdles people seem to have when switching from Windows to Ubuntu appear to be errors in judgment and assessment, rather than actual problems with the OS.

Unfortunately, as humans our tendency is to judge new experiences solely on the basis of previous ones. We determine likes and dislikes not necessarily on merit or logical analysis, but rather on familiarity and comfort.

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Putting Linux on Parental Control

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Putting Linux on Parental Control
Over the years I?ve witnessed desktop Linux distros evolve
dramatically ? change the very core of the way we look at how an
operating system interacts with its users. However, I still find plenty
of forum posts on the Web stating that Linux as a

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prepend to a file with sponge from moreutils

A few weeks I wrote about a tool, which helps you easily prepend to a file. I submitted prepend to moreutils and Joey was kind enough to point out this could be done with `sponge\’.? sponge reads standard input and when done, writes it to a file:
Probably the most general …