10 Websites to Compare Google vs Bing Results Side By Side

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10 Websites to Compare Google vs Bing Results Side By Side Thankfully, the web doesn’t make us take sides. We can have the best of every world. With the launch of Bing, we had another search engine to crawl the web with. A few months and millions of searches down the line, Bing has also built up its legion of users (and fans). It’s Google vs Bing now. The former is still The search engine while the latter calls itself a decision engine.

But I would just like to sit on the ropes with all this because I am just an average user…more interested in getting the results I seek without getting into the algorithm of it all.

Although as an average user, I can say that both search engines deliver different kinds of results. You must have seen it with your search queries. Different query terms gave me different degrees of relevancy in both search engines.

For instance, using the query “makeuseof.com” gave me more pointed results in Google. You can do one of your own and find out.

But there have been results which have come out as more useful for me in Bing as well. It has given me a lot of pleasant vibes with its performance. That just goes to show that we are left to our own choice as far as these two search engines go. I can say that for a lot of us, our sixth sense in the Google vs Bing decision is not exactly working.

Even as the bouts go on, a lot of websites are cropping up around the Google vs Bing preoccupation. They are simple single-function website letting us compare Google and Bing results side by side.

This isn’t a Top to Bottom list but merely a listing of all the addresses that will allow you to do a comparison search of Google vs Bing.

  1. GoogawhoGoogaWho

Side by side searching with this plain Jane tool. Enter the search term and you get the search results from Google and a random search engine. The engines come from Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Ask, InfoSpace, AltaVista, Lycos and Dogpile. Click on any of the names to get the results in the dual pane. The Tabulizer button opens results from all search engines in individual tabs. 2. Bing & GoogleBing&Google

Simulataneous dual paned results from both Bing and Google helps you to compare search results easily. 3. Mixxr Mixxr

This search tool covers Google, Yahoo, Bing and Twitter on the same page. The number of frames on the page will depend on the search engines selected. 4. StringyStringy

Along with the Bing and Google comparer, they have their own ‘version’ of Bing which promises to deliver optimized Bing results. 5. Search3 (beta)Search3

It starts with a nice interface and the premise that three search engines are better than one. The others include – Twitter, eBay and Yahoo. It also allows for browser integration (Firefox, IE7, Google Chrome, Flock, and Opera). 6. AskBoth (beta)AskBoth

The search tool comes with a neat interface and browser integration. AskBoth also gives you search and translate add-ons for supported browsers. Read our previous post on AskBoth. 7. Bing Vs GoogleBingVS-Google

We have covered it before in this post. It gives the same facility and browser integration with Firefox and IE to boot. 8. Ranks.nlRanks.nl

In a rank departure from the clean-cut looks of the ones before, this web tool looks like a webmaster’s scalpel. It actually is, with its dropdown menus letting you compare search engines and their different language variants. You can compare Google vs Bing by choosing the engines from the dropdowns. Control the framesets between horizontal or vertical orientation. 9. BingleBingle

Bingle gives you a single window (but dual framed) access to both Google and Bing. You can also easily add it to your browser (IE and Firefox) as its default search engine with a single click. 10. FuriaFuria If a webpage can be called as artless, then this is it. Just a search query box and nothing else. Type in your query and the page splits in two to display results from Google and Bing.

In this list we have seen tools that swing from the Web 2.0 look to those that resemble a weekend project done in a jiffy. Does it look like too many cooks for a single broth? But then having options never harmed anybody.

In the end it’s about getting results that are on the button. Using two popular search engines does help to cancel out the inaccuracies of both. Somebody did mention that two heads are better than one.

Which is your preferred search engine among Google and Bing? When it comes to search, do you have the patience to sift through the results from multiple search engines or would you rather use just one?

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