IE8 – Developer Tools

2013-04-15 1 min read Uncategorized
Don’t start banging me for this, but I had to test something on Windows and thus found out this. I f you need to debug or test something on IE8 on Windows, then you can simply press “F12” and this will bring up the developer tools… could be useful to you, sometime if you are stuck with testing something on IE on windows 🙂 Related articles Microsoft’s Revamped ‘Modern.IE’ Offers Free Windows Virtual Machines Microsoft Launches Windows QuickStart Kit For Mac Developers, A $25 USB Stick With Windows 8 Pro And Parallels For Mac Microsoft Updates Modern. Continue reading

Linux>1% Campaign. Prove that we are more than 1% !

2010-10-25 1 min read Linux Uncategorized
Linux>1% Campaign. Prove that we are more than 1% ! At they are running a campaign to make every owner of computers running Linux register. The aim is to prove that the general assumption, that only 1 % of all computers run Linux is wrong. Everyone is needed if this effort is going to succeed. The page can also be displayed in Spanish and French I voted for my distro Fedora, hope you do the same for your linux distribution and prove that Linux does run on high number of desktop. Continue reading