script for changing gnome-terminal color schemes.

2012-08-25 3 min read Fedora
This is the Gnome-Logo made with vectors. GNOME and the foot logo are trademarks of the GNOME Foundation. Español: Éste es el logo de Gnome hecho con vectores. GNOME y el logo del pie son marcas registradas de la Fundación GNOME (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Earlier I had posted this. So, if you want to try all of these schemes, then you need not have to copy paste the schemes from the web page, you can try the below script. Continue reading

Ubuntu setup – post installation script

2012-07-03 4 min read bash
My iPhone apps as of February 2010 (Photo credit: dougbelshaw) If you have done a new installation of Ubuntu or Fedora, then yuou know you have to search all kind of blogs to find out what all to install. So, here is a easier way to do that. Just run this script, it will install some applications which are mostly a “MUST” for all the installations. And the list of applications that are installed are : Continue reading

Set gnome-shell to start in fallback mode without GUI.

2012-01-26 1 min read Fedora Gnome
If you run into issues with gnome-shell then gnome-shell should allow you to disable all the plugins and get the gnome-shell. But since gnome-shell is still evolving, you might run into issue where the shell does not come up. What to do in that case. You can set the shell to start in fallback mode, where there are more chances that it will come up. Alas, but you don’t have a shell or desktop session to do that. Continue reading

Fedora 16 screenshot with conky and bmpaenl2

2011-10-21 1 min read Fedora
For all those who used to keep complaining about the bottom panel of Gnome which used to show a list of windows, you can get it back with bmpanel2 (there are lot of other options too, but this one is light.). You can have themes for the panel also. And the best part about using gnome-shell is that I always getting a feeling that I now have more space on the Desktop. Continue reading

Gnome 3 screenshot with conky dock

2011-08-18 1 min read Fedora Gnome
Just to give you a idea of how beautiful it looks, here’s a screenshot 🙂 [][1]gnome3-desktop Related articles This ‘Stairway to Heaven’ Ubuntu desktop is gorgeous and simple to achieve ( [How To] Make A Minimal-looking Narwhal Desktop ( Gnome Sweet Gnome (

Gnome 3 shell themes

2011-08-12 2 min read Fedora Gnome
Image by grantc via Flickr If you are using gnome-shell and are bored with the same default theme then read on…. 🙂 By default changing the default theme requires that you modify the files yourself or copy few files to the required directories. Well, if this is not in your scheme of things for changing the theme, a very simple task. Now, you can simply do this with gnome shell extensions. Continue reading