uptimed – keep track of your system uptime.


Uptimed is an up time record daemon keeping track of the highest up times the system ever had. Uptimed has the ability to inform you of records and milestones though syslog and e-mail, and comes with …

30 Best Windows Mobile Applications


33 Comments » Share inShare The main reason why people still love window mobile is because of its freeware applications and excellent add-ons. Windows Mobile users carry great access to third party …

Google+ – way to go for experinmenting.


Finally I got a invitations and was able to get into the Google+ today. Having been trying to do this for last couple of days, was quite anxious on how it is and how it fairs against Facebook and …

bash regular expressions


Here are some quick links on bash regular expressions, pretty good links to bookmark, if you use, regular expressions in bash regularly. I especially like the tldp link at number 3. …

The Hidden PS


<td> <div class="text codecolorer"> &nbsp;for p in `ps L|cut -d' ' -f1`;do echo -e "`tput clear;read -p$p -n1 p`";ps wwo pid:6,user:8,comm:10,$p kpid -A;done …

Firesheep addon allows the clueless to hack Facebook, Twitter over Wi-Fi


Firesheep addon allows the clueless to hack Facebook, Twitter over Wi-Fi If you thought hijacking a user’s social media session was only done by skilled hackers, now the Firesheep addon can allow even …

[Solved] Abbreviations not working in vim


Today I found that abbreviations are not working in vim in my current login. I searched log of blog’s and sill did not find any solution so I decided to take the matters in my hand. To start with I …

Free Calendar for October 2010


Hope you like my work with gimp and Nikon D5000 . <img class="size-medium wp-image-2501" title="Calendar October 2010" …

Twiiter from Pidgin on Fedora 11 -Leonidas


If you are twitter fan but find it difficult to follow it on your web-browser then this is for you. Just install the plugin and get going to see the twitter messages in the pidgin window. […] …

powertwitter for firefox- twitter with new look


<a title="Power Twitter" href="" target="_blank">Power Twitter is a addon for firefox that gives twitter a new …

Fastfollowers for Twitter users.


<a href=" ">Visit here. **This is a site to increase your followers in twitter. Good way to go. **

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