Some good and nice open source books worth downloading.

2009-11-22 1 min read Learning Linux
There is a nice article <a href="" target="_blank">here b<span class="byline">by Alastair Otter. He has given links to different Books that are worth reading.Β These include: <span class="byline">1)<a href="" target="_blank"> <span class="byline">2) <a href="" target="_blank"> <span class="byline">3) <a href="" target="_blank"> <span class="byline">4) <a href="" target="_blank"> <span class="byline">to name a few, along with others. Its worth reading the article. While you are at it don&#8217;t forget the gems known as comments. Continue reading

bash tutorial for begineer and experienced.

2009-07-20 1 min read bash Learning
I having been looking for something like this for sometime. Found <a href="" target="_blank">this while searching. A very good thing about this tutorial is its comprehensiveness and the details. A lot of examples are gives which too are quite useful.