Eight Rules for Effective Software Production

2017-06-12 29 min read GuestPost
During the course of my career, I’ve participated in multiple real life software projects and observed how things are done on all levels: decision making, practices adoption, team building, recruiting, skill distribution, etc. Obviously, different approaches yielded different results. Being an improvement-oriented type of person, I noticed and collected the most effective practices and best practical tricks to help me up in my work. Learning from observation is a hard and lengthy way to do it. Continue reading

Beldi – The way to go to try linux distributions.

2010-07-18 1 min read Linux
I know people in the Linux world always want to try different distributions, but problem is maintaining them and tracking them, so what is the solution? Found a nice solution called <a href="https://belug.de/~beldi//distributions/fedora.xml">Beldi This sofware is in the fedora yum repository so if you are running Fedora you can simply install the application by running &#8221;<span style="color: #ff00ff;">yum install beldi&#8221; Now the interesting part, it supports to download and autoupdate the distributions of about 16 odd distributions. Continue reading