check hard disk rpm or rotation speed


Lot of times you want to check the disk rpm, especially on the servers to check if it is 7.2K or 10K or 15K rpm disk. How do you do this from linux terminal. Here it is : sginfo -g /dev/<device> …

bash function for rpm whatprovides


Sometimes some simple one-liner function can save you a lot of time, like-


procinfo and procinfo-ng : Get system information from /proc.


Install procinfo or procinfo-ng. The procinfo contains three programs : /usr/bin/lsdev /usr/bin/procinfo /usr/bin/socklist and procinfo-ng contains :: /usr/bin/procinfo-ng The description for both of …

Upgrade to Fedora 17 from 16.


As usual time in couple of days to upgrade to Fedora 17. Release schedule is for 05/22 and so its just around the corner. So, if you are looking at upgrading using yum, then make sure that you visit …


Tora installation on Fedora 16 with rpm


Last article I talked about tora installation from the sources, but if that is too much for you then you can use this one liner: rpm -ivh "http://amit-agarwal.co.in/mystuff/tora-2.1.3-1.fc16.i686.rpm" …

Color disk usage on Fedora


For this tip, you would need to setup the rpm-shere repository. You can get the information here. Once you have done that you need to install the cdu package with the following command: sudo yum …

Interesting repository for Fedora.


Here is one repository that you can add to your Fedora to give it a few more hundred packages:

List all installed rpm packages and it’s size


If you are looking for a command to see the disk usage by each of the rpm‘s then you can use this command: […] <td> <div class="text codecolorer"> &nbsp;rpm -q …

List all the rpms by size – quick way to find out what is eating your disk space in root partition


Here is a quick command to check the list of installed packages by their size in reverse order. Very useful if you want to remove unwanted rpms just to clean up some space on your disk: […] …

Packagekit Error


With the latest update on my Fedora 10(F10) I started getting this error when ever I wanted to use the gnome package kit (I was able to use yum though): failed to get a TID: A security policy in place …

rebuild rpm from installed rpm with rpmrebuild


Ever happened to you that you downloaded and installed a rpm and then deleted the package? If your answer is yes, then there is a solution. Come to the fairyland of rpmrebuild. Create the rpm from the …

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