x2go – possible replacement to VNC

2014-05-22 1 min read Fedora
If you are accessing you Linux machine from VNC then you can try x2go. Pretty straight forward installation, with packages available for both Ubuntu and Fedora and most other common distros as well. Just install, change one line ( visit the link above) and you are done. Neat, I must say. Do try it when you feel the need to do something new.

vino – connect to running GNome session like RDP

2011-02-04 2 min read Fedora Linux
One thing that all of us Linux users have probably missed is connecting to the running GNome session to see what is going on in the running session. This can be quite handy in couple of situations: Debugging remote sessions – where you do not want a new session, instead want to connect to running session. Maintaining running session from another PC. If you are running some applications on some Linux box and want to gracefully stop it using some commands other than kill -9 then it is best that you connect to the running session, if you are not using screen. Continue reading