Total upload and download on any interface.


Something that I have been searching for a long time, finally some look inside the <a class=“zem_slink” title=“Procfs” rel=“wikipedia” …

CR Post to not working – resolved.


Last couple of months I was having a tough time getting the plugins in my wordpress to work with the service. This is the only service that I rely on to post my blogs. So, basically I was left …

using wordpress CLI to post to wordpress


There is a very nice post here: How to post content to a WordPress blog from the command line I tried this in Fedora 14 and here is the way to get this working in Fedora […] <td> <div …

Performance issues resolved with my blog.


For last 2-3 weeks there were quite a lot of performance issues with my website. I was looking at the same but could not get enough time to have all of them resolved together. Finally I have spent …

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