More cloud photos for your eyes.

2010-10-15 1 min read Photo
Isn’t the sky too beautiful… If you are looking through a camera (likes of Nikon D5000) then it looks more beautiful and just leaves a mark in photographs….. Here are some pics that I took and make some really good wallpaper stuff. [][1]Cloud [][2]Cloud [][3]Clouds [][4]White clouds [][5]Sun in Hiding Related articles by Zemanta Photos you can take at home and still stunning. ( Letter from Paris presents… Paris EyePhoto (betharnold. Continue reading

gollage – create simple collage with ease.

2010-06-21 2 min read Linux Photo
Find the project <a href="" target="_blank">here. Download the tar ball and install it. Description of the application is: GTK+ collage, in short gollage, is a program to generate photo collages with a Polaroid photo frame. The photos will be place on the final image in randomly order. You can specify the degrees, the size of the photos and the final background of the image. It is a very simple to use GUI application. Continue reading