symlinks -delete all invalid soft links in Linux/Fedora


First of all, install symlinks if it is not installed : sudo yum install symlinks and here is the description: […] and the help for the same: […] symlinks: scan/change symbolic links – …

Find all the missing paths in the PATH variable in bash script


Here is a simple script that will list out all the paths in the PATH variable that do not exist.

Find out why a program can’t seem to access to a file


$ strace php tias.php -e open,access 2>&1 | <a class="zem_slink freebase/en/grep" href="" title="Grep" …

Search & replace with find & ed


function sr() { declare pattern replacement name usage declare -i pvar=0 rvar=0 tvar=0 usage='usage: sr [-t ] [-n name] [-p pattern] [-r replacement] [– ] [dir1 dir2 …]' # cf. <a …

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