phpmyadmin access problem and change server from URL


I was having issues with one of the phpmyadmin setups. The first server defined in the config file was not accessible and the theme that I was using was not allowing me to change the server from the …

mysql output to an array for easy parsing.


 Today I was looking for some way to put the output of the mysql output in an array in a bash script. Quick google search yeilded to results something like this: […] <td> <div …

browsing the windows machines and their shares – listing


 smbtree is a very nice command to check all the machines that are present in the LAN (your connected network). For this to work you may need to look at this article also.

Easy ssh configuration with .ssh/config file


If you ssh to many hosts then you are aware of the pain that it takes to ssh with different username and hostname. There is an alias that you can creat with native ssh though. Here I will show you the …

Break Free and let firefox remember all the passwords even the ones that are not saved by default


Here we go against one more security policy of most of the sites like Bank and paypal and so on. These sites do not allow Firefox or any other browser to save the password. This is using some tags in …

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