Craeating a sequence in calc.

2010-05-06 1 min read Linux
Creating a numberd list in the calc with alphabets can be really tiresome sometimes. I found a simple solution to this. Create the numbered list in vim and then paste it into calc. Here’s how I do it: Open vim type the first in sequence (ex Amit_aga_001) Follow the below sequence to create a macro: Esc [Atl]+q+(any alphabet say ’a’) — this will start recording the macro yy – yank the current line Continue reading

More windows Microsoft like openoffice and keet it working.

2010-03-22 2 min read Fedora Linux
Some people say that <a href="" target="_blank">OpenOffice doesn&#8217;t completely suit their requirement as compared to the Microsoft Office. Though most of the times I do not have that problem 🙂 But there are still couple of things that do not work with OO seamlessly and thus if you want better OO (with respect to working with MS files more seamlessly) here&#8217;s something worth a try. You can try the <a href="http://go-oo. Continue reading