[Movie Review]RANN- predictable from Puttu

2010-03-14 3 min read Uncategorized
IdealisticHarshvardhan mallik(<span style="font-size: medium;"> <span style="color: #ff420e;">B) and his son Jay(<a class="zem_slink freebase/en/sudeep" title="Sudeep" rel="wikipedia" href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sudeep">Sudeep), find their channel loosing out on <span style="color: #9999ff;">popularity ratings for a rival <span style="color: #7e0021;">channel smartly run by his X-employee <a class="zem_slink freebase/en/mohnish_behl" title="Mohnish Behl" rel="imdb" href="http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0046894/">Mohnish Behl. Jay is provoked and hence in an attempt to rebuild and regain the foothold,he <span style="color: #00ae00;">plans a <a class="zem_slink freebase/en/sting_operation" title="Sting operation" rel="wikipedia" href="http://en. Continue reading