Installing Full Blin g theme on N900

2011-08-03 1 min read Maemo N900
I was going through the post : and found the theme quite intruging but not complete to the point where I can download the deb file and install it in /usr/share/theme/ dir with simple commands “apt-get” or at max just use mkdir command to create the dir and dump everything in that dir. So, I wrote this couple of bash one liners to copy the required files to my N900. Continue reading

Installing Bling Theme on N900

2011-06-18 2 min read Maemo N900
Image via Wikipedia There is a very nice theme for N900 and it is called Bling theme. There is a problem though with the theme, the theme still does not have a installable .deb file, and thus the files need to be directly copied to “/usr/share/icons” and you have to manually do the mkdir and all such command in the terminal in a N900, which does not seem familiar to quite a lot of people using N900. Continue reading