convert word document to html

2012-06-27 1 min read Fedora Linux
First install the required package: sudo yum install wv Description: Description : Wv is a program that understands the Microsoft Word 6/7/8/9 binary file format and is able to convert Word documents into HTML, which can then be read with a browser. And here is the list of the programs that this utility provides: /usr/bin/wvAbw /usr/bin/wvCleanLatex /usr/bin/wvConvert /usr/bin/wvDVI /usr/bin/wvDocBook /usr/bin/wvHtml /usr/bin/wvLatex /usr/bin/wvMime /usr/bin/wvPDF /usr/bin/wvPS /usr/bin/wvRTF /usr/bin/wvSummary /usr/bin/wvText /usr/bin/wvVersion /usr/bin/wvWare /usr/bin/wvWml So, if you want to convert a doc file to html just do: Continue reading