Allow incoming/outgoing ports on iptables

2012-11-27 2 min read Fedora
Schematic for the packet flow paths through Linux networking and Xtables (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Last couple of years, I just used to disable iptables on my system, this time I decided not to disable it and keep it enabled. So far so good, now comes the tricky part, I have http server enabled on my system and since this is on local network with already firewall and other security in place so I can allow all incoming to my system and similarly I need to enable XDMCP outgoing. Continue reading

browsing the windows machines and their shares – listing

2011-04-30 1 min read Learning Uncategorized
smbtree is a very nice command to check all the machines that are present in the LAN (your connected network). For this to work you may need to look at this article also. 1 <td> <div class="text codecolorer"> smbtree -U <strong>username </div> </td> </tr> Related articles Prompted for a username and password when browsing to an IIS virtual directory ( How to Delete History in Internet Explorer ( How To Guide: Deploy VNC via Group Policy (edugeek. Continue reading