flatpak – get latest libreoffice

2017-03-20 1 min read Fedora
flatpak is tool similar to 0install. You can find more details here. # Get the gnome-sdk gpg keys wget https://sdk.gnome.org/keys/gnome-sdk.gpg # Add the keys to trusted keys flatpak remote-add --user --gpg-import=gnome-sdk.gpg gnome https://sdk.gnome.org/repo/ # Install pre-requisite gnome flatpak install --user gnome org.gnome.Platform 3.20 # Download the flatpak file and install it. Or you can follow the next step. wget 'http://download.documentfoundation.org/libreoffice/flatpak/latest/LibreOffice.flatpak' flatpak install --user --bundle LibreOffice.flatpak # Install flatpak without downloading flatpak install --user gnome org. Continue reading

visio support comes to Linux with loads of new features of LibreOffice.

2012-03-17 1 min read Linux Uncategorized
Image via Wikipedia LibreOffice 3.5 was released few days back with loads of features and improvements. Most bragged about feature should be capability to read visio diagrams. You can read the full list of features here. And here are some interesting features: Better UI for header/footer handling. Easily add header or footers. Quickly see what is edited with new changing text boundaries. Quickly edit or remove headers and footers without going through page styles formatting. Continue reading