Styled-Components: CSS-in-JS Library for the Modern Web


This post was written by Jeremy Davis, JavaScript Developer for Toptal. CSS was designed for documents, what the “old web” was expected to contain. The emergence of preprocessors like Sass or Less …

tora installation on Fedora 17.


Here are the previous links on Tora: Tora on F16 Tora on Fedora And if you are interested in installing from source then you can always use this link: …

bash prompts — some good links


Here are some pretty good links on the subject. Since there are already so many blog posts, does not make sense to add one more 🙂 …

debug call function() to debug a function in vim


Image via Wikipedia […] Have you ever wished that you could either see what is going on initially at the vim startup like you could do with C program in the gdm mode, but really did not want …

Shape Collage – Simple software to create collage with a java application.


Download from <a href="">here. Very useful utility to create collage in variety of ways. Here are some screenshots to give you a idea of how …

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