lightweight pdf viewer – zathura.

2013-01-28 1 min read Fedora
Zathura is a lightweight viewer for pdf which works on plugins. Here is shor description : Zathura is a highly configurable and functional PDF viewer based on the Poppler rendering library and the GTK+ toolkit. The idea behind zathura is an application that provides a minimalist and space saving interface as well as an easy usage that mainly focuses on keyboard interaction. But the viewer will not work unless you install the plugins to display the correct plugin. Continue reading

Xnest – XDMCP protocol and virtual DM

2012-10-22 2 min read Fedora
An IceWM Xephyr session is running inside a Fluxbox Xephyr session, which is running inside another IceWM Xephyr session, which is running under Linux Mint 8. (Note that Fluxbox is also licensed under the MIT license by the Fluxbox developers, but IceWM is released under the GPL and LGPL by Marko Ma?ek.) (Photo credit: Wikipedia) XDMCP is protocol that allows remote connections and provides you with a working Display Manager like KDE, GNome, et al. Continue reading

gnome-tweak-tool gets a fantastic new Font Selector window

2011-10-27 1 min read Fedora
Here is the quick look at how the Font Selector looks like now. And its not just for the gnome-tweak-tool, its for all the places for font selection. I really loved it. So intuitive to use and amazingly good to look. This is what a good design and thinking can do. Kudos to Gnome team for coming up with this. [][1]Font Selector for Verne Related articles Cum instalam interfata Gnome 3 in Linux Ubuntu 11. Continue reading

gdialog on F11 – Leonidas

2010-06-01 1 min read Fedora
If you are using some old application or want to install some application that was developed quite some time back with GTK GUI, then you may find the application using gdialog. gdialog is no more available and is deprecated in Fedora and same functionality is provided by zenity. But the options to call zenity are slightly different so what do you do. I did a google search and found the following script. Continue reading

bash – change theme for gtk in gnome and take screenshot from script.

2010-03-24 1 min read bash Fedora Gnome
I wrote a blog on bash script to change the icon/cursor theme using a bash script. Lets extend the same concept a little more and use the script to change the gtk theme for gnome and at the same time take a screenshot also. #!/bin/bash path=”/tmp/screenshot” [[ ”$1” == ”” ]] && time=5 || time=$1 [[ ”$2” == ”” ]] && ( cd ~/.themes cont=”y” echo ”Select one of the icon themes” Continue reading

New GTK and metacity themes from Ian

2010-03-05 1 min read Fedora Gnome
Here are two themes from Ian.. Link: <a href="">GTK-DarkTurrican.tar <a href="">GTK-LightTurrican.tar