Google Chrome

Windows Vs Linux – One more time


Image via Wikipedia […] One of the most written and commented articles has to be Linux vs Windows (of course there are competitors like vim vs emacs) but none has been covered so much as Linux …

Firefox troubleshooting


Here are few quick tips on getting to see what could be wrong with firefox. Config entries – about:config Support Information – about:support Details on config entries – …

Manually remove all the duplicate bookmarks in Firefox


Image by Getty Images via @daylife […] I was trying to install the duplicate Bookmark remover for the Firefox but for some reasons, was not able to install it. That apart, the point is that I …

Fast and bleeding edge Firefox.. version 7


Firefox 7.0 nightly builds have started and it seems to be quite fast. So, if you dont care about some sites not opening or once in a while your browser crashing, been using for 2 days on Windows , …

10 Websites to Compare Google vs Bing Results Side By Side


10 Websites to Compare Google vs Bing Results Side By Side Thankfully, the web doesn’t make us take sides. We can have the best of every world. With the launch of Bing, we had another search engine to …

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