using iTerm color schmes with gnome-terminal.

2012-08-29 1 min read Fedora
the OS X Lion install key (Photo credit: blakespot) Found this great page and thought of sharing this: When using this, you will need to install : and when you install this, you will find that the permissions for the files are not appropriately set, so go to your ruby gems directory or the installation directory for nokogiri-plist and change the permissions. Related articles Different bottom panel for gnome3. Continue reading

sakura – Reaaly good terminal with very few dependencies.

2011-03-30 1 min read Fedora Uncategorized
I was searching for something in the Fedora repos and found a really good terminal, sakura. Its very much like Gnome-terminal. I did not find much difference other than using less memory. To install: 1 <td> <div class="text codecolorer"> sudo yum install sakura </div> </td> </tr> and the details of the package: Name : sakura Arch : i686 Version : 2.3.8 Release : 1.fc14 Size : 137 k Repo : installed From repo : fedora Summary : Terminal emulator based on GTK and VTE URL : http://pleyades. Continue reading

Setting the title of PuTTY window.

2010-02-04 1 min read Gnome Linux
Setting the title for PuTTY window is quite a simple trick. The trick is to set the PS1 with a escape sequence. When the PS1 is set with the escape sequence the variable will set the title window also. And not only can this trick be used in PuTTY but even on gnome-terminal to set the title dynamically. You can use this in the .bashrc or .bash_profile file to do it whenever you are starting the terminal. Continue reading

change the terminal title dynamically in X11

2010-01-09 1 min read bash Gnome Linux
I was actually looking for this for quite sometime. Some years back in my bashrc was the proper setting for setting the terminal title when I did a cd, and I had completely forgotten how to do it. So today I searched quite a few commands the environment variables for doing the same and found it again. Here it is (Just put this in your bashrc or bash_profile): export PROMPT_COMMAND=&#8217;echo -ne &#8221;\033]0;`pwd`&#8221;; echo -ne &#8221;\007&#8221;&#8217; Continue reading