meld – cvs diff with ease


There are couple of ways to make life easier with CVS diff. But here is one that is really good. First if you haven’t, install meld: sudo yum install meld meld is basically a diff viewer and pretty …

Ignore CVS and svn directories in bash autocompletion.


CVS and SVN directories are something that really cause lot of un-necessary nuisance. So, simple solution just ignore them 🙂

kernel source code — the easier way to get it with git.


The simplest way to get the kernel code is : […] git clone git:// […] If you want to get the other branches then head over …

Get list of git repositories from command line.


Earlier I had posted a small blog on teamgit. The problem still is that you have to manually go to the page and get the list of the repo’s that you can download. How about a …

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