cksum – compare for multiple files.

2013-04-30 1 min read Fedora Learning Linux
If you have to compare cksum for couple of files, the you know how cumbersome it is. So, I wrote a simple script, wherein you can create a file called cksums in the current directory and copy paste the result of “**cksums ***” into this file, and then run this script. Cool 🙂 #!/bin/bash - #=============================================================================== # # FILE: # # USAGE: ./ # # DESCRIPTION: Compare cksums of multiple files. Continue reading

Compare files excluding certain lines.

2011-10-18 1 min read bash Fedora Learning Linux
Quick tip, you can use any expression for the sed commands in the (). With this trick you can redirect the stdout of 2 commands to the diff command. This might become very useful, if you want to compare 2 files, excluding the first line. diff <(sed '1d' file) <(sed '1d' file2) More interesting example is where the string ABC is converted to abc before comparing in the second file with the following command: Continue reading