Trello – backup to your linux machine


Just in case, you are looking for backing up your trello account boards, you can use the following bash script to do so: #!/bin/bash - …

Some nice fonts in Fedora for coding


Here is link to fedoramagazine article on this: […] 6 great monospaced fonts for code and terminal in Fedora […] And what the article does not mention is how to install these from …

sysreporter on Fedora – basic system report in email


From the packages github page: […] SysReporter (System Reporter) is a bash script that runs and aggregates a set of reports about its host system. The report can then be emailed to the system …

Python script to manage virtual machines with python API for libvirt.


Most of times I use virt-manager to manage VMs but sometimes, I have to manage VMs on other hosts over ssh when connected over VPN or while I am working remotely. GUI like virt-manager thus becomes …

firewalld – enable logging


firewalld by default does not allow packets that are dropped. In some cases, you need to find out if some packet is being dropped or not. For doing so you may want to enable logging of dropped packets …

speed up journalctl


Sometime back I noticed that whenever I run my favourite command, viz. journalctl -xn -f -l it was taking more time than usual. So, I thought to dig more into it and finally found that the following …

Disk usage by file type


Trying to find the total usage for each of the file types by extension, then here is a quick bash function for you : disk_usage_type () { find . -name '*'$1 -ls | awk ' BEGIN{ a[0]="Bytes"; a[1]="KB"; …

Network Manager post-up script (dispatcher script)


Network manager is supposed to be much better than network, how so? it supports dnsmasq for one… Dnsmasq with netowrkmanager Local name resolution Also Network Manager supports dispatcher scripts. How …

dnsmasq local name resolution with NetworkManager


Network Manager suports starting dnsmasq which helps you have a local cache for DNS thus getting faster resolution for the DNS queries. Dnsmasq with netowrkmanager So, one thing that I have been …

bash – expand shell variables ( bash bug resolved )


As you would have noticed in the recent versions of bash, expansion does not work properly when expanding directory names. So, for something like this cd $varname if you press tab, then variable name …

evvsubst – substitute variables in text in shell


First you need to install gettext, which by the way might be already installed, however you can install with dnf install gettext Details of the package: […] Usage examples:

Easily monitor and archive your system log reports.


If you want to monitor your server logs and also like them to be emailed then just Logwatch may not be sufficient. It sends you a mail but does not archive them, so head over to epylog […] To …

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