Fedora (operating system)

sigil – ebook editor


sigil is WYSIWYG ebook editor, here are more details. […] Name : sigil Version : 0.9.9 Release : 2.fc28 Arch : x86_64 Size : 3.6 M Source : sigil-0.9.9-2.fc28.src.rpm Repo : fedora Summary : …

ranger – try terminal file manager


ranger is a terminal file manager, just install and run and have some fun. Tip: You might want to try it on uxrvt terminal and in Photos folder once.

glances – new way to look at contention


glances is like top/htop but little different. It shows you sort based on contention (smartly and automatically) unless you change that and hence if you just want to check what is biggest bottleneck …

Some nice fonts in Fedora for coding


Here is link to fedoramagazine article on this: […] 6 great monospaced fonts for code and terminal in Fedora […] And what the article does not mention is how to install these from …

How To Install Ailurus On Fedora


For those who have not yet heard about ailurus: […] <img src="http://blog.amit-agarwal.co.in/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/ailuruslogo.png" alt="" width="24" …

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