Fedora Linux

image viewer tools


These are some of the image viewers that I know, pick your choice 🙂

Display IP address in console login screen


Here is one liner that will add the current IP address in the console login screen (if you are not running X as is case for servers): (ip -o -4 a| awk '$2 !="lo" {print "\nIP Address ::"$4}' |tr '\n' …

Monitor progress of coreutils commad like mv, cp etc


Monitor progress of coreutils commad like mv, cp etc You can use command called “progress”. Other option is “pv” but that is little complicated so here is simpler option. […] Progress – A …

Fedora – change from one edition to some other


You will need to install convert-to-edition, description […] Name : convert-to-edition Arch : noarch Epoch : 0 Version : 25 Release : 1 Size : 9.7 k Repo : fedora Summary : Script for …

flatpak – get latest libreoffice


flatpak is tool similar to 0install. You can find more details here.

systemd – start service when you enable it


More often than not for any service, I end up doing : systemctl enable <service> systemctl start <service> But there is shorcut to this. In systemctl command when you enable the service, …

Some nice fonts in Fedora for coding


Here is link to fedoramagazine article on this: […] 6 great monospaced fonts for code and terminal in Fedora […] And what the article does not mention is how to install these from …

tlp – optimize and maximize your battery power.


So, you are having issues with battery life on linux. Then head over to tlp project. […] TLP brings you the benefits of advanced power management for Linux without the need to understand every …

Gmail Videochat Comes to Linux


?Gmail Videochat Comes to Linux &#8221;The long wait is over and Linux users can finally use the Gmail Videochat! The <a class="zem_slink" title="Gmail" …

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