tora on Fedora 16 for mysql and Oracle.

2012-02-06 1 min read Database Fedora
Sometime back I had posted a article on Tora on Fedora. But that was a while back and things have progressed and we already have Fedora 16 (aka Verne). So, awhile back I installed Tora on my Fedora 16 and here are the steps to do so: First get the Tora sources from . Download the source tar file and extract the same. Install the delel for some of the packages that you will need: Continue reading

Quickly install most of the things that you need on Fedora.

2011-10-30 1 min read Fedora
easyLife is a user friendly program that installs packages on Fedora as well as adjustments most users want. It makes new users’ experience easy and fun, providing the means to set the OS up quickly and painless. This app does not really require any more introduction. [][1]Easy Linux for Fedora Related articles How To Install Ailurus 10.05 On Fedora | HowtoForge – Linux Howtos and Tutorials ( Fedora 16: Linux home for lost Ubuntu GNOMEs (go. Continue reading