Hard and Software requirements… can you beat this.


The other day, I was looking at OTRS Documentation and guess what, I found a requirement that I could not full-fill. The requirement was for “Hard and Software”. […] Can you full-fill this …

Kernel ata exception — found workaround.


I have been getting the below errors in my system for quite sometime now, I think since F9 or before that. The offending hardware is CD drive. I looked all around the net for a solution but did not …

Bash completion error — quote_readline.


There is a problem with bash completion with quote_readline that causes the completion to fail. The problem is fixed in the bash completion package but there are still some other programs which are …

unbound variable – bash completion not working and having issues with other stuff like command not found.


I generally use vi/vim for all my practical purposes of working with text files. And I have all the vi/vim plugins required to work with the files. This causes the following to be in the skeleton for …

Packagekit Error


With the latest update on my Fedora 10(F10) I started getting this error when ever I wanted to use the gnome package kit (I was able to use yum though): failed to get a TID: A security policy in place …

internal error from PackageKit — packagekit Error Type: <type ’exceptions.TypeError'>


If you get the below error then there is a bug files <a href="" target="_blank">here. […] Error Type: Error Value: …

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