cream bash ide – vim with bash support


 […] Here you can find the cream editor. This is basically vim editor with lots of customizations thus making it simpler for the users to use the editor directly. This version already has the …

Backup of files in the directory.


I was working on some scripts and the changes that I was making in the scripts was very dynamic, which I did want to keep backing up in the version control system. But for the peace of my mind, I …

what is vim in 6Kb..


If you thought that vim is very bloated and nothing abuot this editor can be small, then you are not alone. I was myself in the same bandwagon. Well, I never thought that there could be anything about …

All in one solution for all the scripts of vim from vim.org


For quite sometime now, I was looking for some console based program which would help me get the scripts from vim.org. A simple solution would have been to do a wget for the scripts. But since there …

Browser Conkeror – fast, versatile, easy and configurable


Conkeror is a browser that uses XULRunner and is a highly configurable and programmable browser. Here is the description of the browser from the homepage: […] Conkeror is a keyboard-oriented, …

Linux command to repeat a string n times - Super User


I was working on something and needed to output the string n times. I have required this even to print a line with ’-’ or ’=’ but this time I badly wanted it in …

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