retext – Editor for restructured text

2015-05-15 1 min read Fedora Learning
restructured text is a simple text editor for markdown/restructured text which can show preview as well. So, here is some details on same : Name : retext Arch : noarch Epoch : 0 Version : 5.0.1 Release : 7.fc22 Size : 412 k Repo : @System Summary : Text editor for Markdown and reStructuredText URL : License : GPLv3+ Description : ReText is a simple but powerful text editor for Markdown and reStructuredText. Continue reading

ncurses based eFTE editor – programmers lightweight editor

2014-11-17 1 min read Fedora Learning
nefte is a lightweight programmers editor. Here is descriptioin: Description : eFTE is an advanced programmers editor with goals of being lightweight, yet : totally configurable. Support for user defined programming languages, menu : systems and key bindings are provided with many common defaults already : defined. eFTE is still a new project, however, we extend from the FTE editor : which was first released in 1995, so eFTE is tried and true with many features : for the programmer/text editor. Continue reading

Check all vim colorschemes for minor issues

2013-10-10 2 min read bash Vim Tips
Here is script that checks all the colorschemes in the current directory and corrects them if possible (Processing of the file is done with simple commands like sed, grep) Checks that the color_name is same as Filename Here is the script: #!/bin/bash - #=============================================================================== # # FILE: # # USAGE: ./ # # DESCRIPTION: # # OPTIONS: --- # REQUIREMENTS: --- # BUGS: --- # NOTES: --- # AUTHOR: Amit Agarwal (aka), # REVISION: --- #=============================================================================== cd ~/. Continue reading

cream bash ide – vim with bash support

2012-03-14 1 min read Fedora Linux Uncategorized
Image via Wikipedia Here you can find the cream editor. This is basically vim editor with lots of customizations thus making it simpler for the users to use the editor directly. This version already has the bash and perl support plugins and thus you can start using them as IDE without the need to add any plugins. It has a simple and advanced mode. In the simple mode you need not worry about all the modes of the vi/vim editor. Continue reading

Get yourself som new themes for vim

2012-02-15 1 min read Vim Tips
Well, you would already have some themes for your vim, by default. And if you did not like them then you would have added some of your own too (downloaded from But, those are something, that you might not still like and want to make some changes. Here’s, a new way to do it. Just go to the link mentioned below and click on Generate Dark or Generate Light. You can generate as many as you like and once you like the theme, simply click on vim in the bottom and download 🙂 BTW, you can generate textmate and Emacs theme as well. Continue reading

g flag in :s useless in vim

2011-11-05 1 min read Vim Tips
Some time back there was a post on vim_use list about the “/g” flag for the search and replace functionality of the vim. And the response of “Tim Chase” on the same was very elaborate and interesting. I always knew that “/g” is only for replacing multiple occurrences on the same line, but here are few things that I did not know. :0/this/s//that This one will only replace the first occurrence of this in the whole file. Continue reading

Free, But Not Full-Featured Photo editor

2011-02-13 2 min read Photo Photo! Editor: Free, But Not Full-Featured This free photo editor produces nice images easily, but can’t print or share. By Sally Wiener Grotta and Daniel Grotta, PC World November 16, 2010 07:21 PM Photo! Editor (free) is an interesting combination of easy-to-use image editing tools that can produce good results for the person who wants to simply clean up their photos, though the program does have highly limited functionality. Continue reading
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