Download Ticket Service – dl is now on fedora.

2014-09-08 1 min read Fedora
From : “dl” is a file exchange service that allows you to upload any file to a web server and generate a unique ticket for others to download. The ticket is automatically expired according to the specified rules, so that you don’t need to keep track or cleanup afterward. “dl” also allows you to grant an anonymous, one-time upload for others to send you a file, without the requirement of account management. Continue reading

Announcing the release of Fedora 14 and upgrade procedure.

2010-11-03 4 min read Fedora
Before you read the release announcement, you can update/upgrade to F14 with : 1 <td> <div class="text codecolorer"> &nbsp;sudo yum upgrade --releasever=14 </div> </td> </tr> Note : You might get some un-resolvable dependencies, you can remove those pakages and continue and it should be a smooth migration. It’s here! It’s here! It’s really here! Fedora 14 has been officially released! Fedora is a leading edge, free and open source operating system that continues to deliver innovative features to many users, with a new release approximately every six months. Continue reading

cairo-dock themes on server – download to local machine.

2010-05-30 1 min read Linux
I was trying to get all the cairo-themes locally. One because sometimes the internet connection is slow and second for the fun of it. So I did the first thing that can be done, to search the internet and find out how to do it. Could not find anything in the results and thus started to search how to to it. And here it is finally: Get the list of themes <a href="http://themes. Continue reading

Download with browse with bash and wget

2010-05-09 1 min read bash Fedora
Been pretty busy for last couple of days. Will be busy for another few days, but here&#8217;s something to munch in the meantime (Script may need changes depending on the type of file you want to download or the site you are browsing, but the chnages should be minimal): file=&#8221;/tmp/temp.dir&#8221; url=&#8221;URL Here&#8221; IFS=&#8217; &#8217; cont=&#8221;y&#8221; while [ $cont != &#8221;n&#8221; ] do name=&#8221;&#8221; wget &#8221;$url&#8221; -O $file -o /dev/null Continue reading

Jokes – many to be downloaded once..

2010-04-11 1 min read bash Fedora Linux
All work and no fun makes Jack dull boy. So lets do something for fun. Here is a one liner I wrote sometime back. The original idea is not mine and I don&#8217;t remeber where I got the idea from but it was some other one liner that I was browsing for some oracle query. Anyway here&#8217;s the one liner to get lot of jokes in one file. #!/bin/bash Continue reading