pkgwat -search packages for Fedora.

2013-08-23 1 min read Fedora
pkgwat is a nice utility to search the fedora packages websearch. Description : Pronounced "package WAT", pkgwat is a fast CLI tool for querying : the fedora packages webapp. : : : You can make its search even better by helping us tag packages. : And to search for a package, you can use :: pkgwat search pkgwat -h # get help on package. Related articles pkgwat.cli 0.8 Enabling Cisco WebEx in Fedora 19 Fedora Release Party F19, Venezuela

power save mode for battery in Fedora 19.

2013-08-20 1 min read Fedora
I was getting really bad battery life on my Fedora 19 system, and did not find much on how to tune it. Finally I found something that just does not need much configuration but works pretty well. So, here is what you need to do: sudo yum install tuned tuned-adm The second package, tuned-adm installs additional themes for power saving. It is optional and not mandatory. Once you have installed these, you can do the following: Continue reading

Fedora – Ramdisk creation

2013-05-10 1 min read Fedora
In Fedora, ramdisks are not created by default as is the case with RHEL. So, if you need to get Ramdisks on Fedora, then you can do this: sudo yum install MAKEDEV This will create some default Ramdisk’s in the “/dev” directory. Now, if you need to change anything then feel free to go to “/etc/makedev.d” and feel free to change these files. The Fedora Project logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Related articles User:Ktdreyer/Gitorious Development Builds of Inkscape for fedora Fedora 19 Graphics Test Week kicks off tomorrow! Continue reading

Ubuntu – Really force remove a package.

2012-09-17 1 min read Linux
I was trying to remove a package on one of the Ubuntu installations the other day and was not able to do so. I tried google and tried all the options mentioned in various forums like “-f”, purge, reinstall and few others but nothing helped. I kept getting some errors about some files being already deleted. I also tried “set -e” in the prompt but the only result I got was terminal also getting killed. Continue reading

tora installation on Fedora 17.

2012-06-22 1 min read Database Fedora
Here are the previous links on Tora: Tora on F16 Tora on Fedora And if you are interested in installing from source then you can always use this link: And if you are interested in just installing it then you can always do: rpm -ivh "" Related articles Upgrade to Fedora 17 from 16.( Fedora 17 warning: kernel panic after upgrade (part 2)( Fix Fedora 17 Kernel Panic after Preupgrade(loviniltra. Continue reading

Upgrade to Fedora 17 from 16.

2012-05-15 1 min read Fedora
As usual time in couple of days to upgrade to Fedora 17. Release schedule is for 05/22 and so its just around the corner. So, if you are looking at upgrading using yum, then make sure that you visit this page. There are some changes in latest version that will not allow you to upgrade without executing few commands manually and that page lists them. And if you are too brave and just want the steps and the command then here it is: Continue reading

tora on Fedora 16 for mysql and Oracle.

2012-02-06 1 min read Database Fedora
Sometime back I had posted a article on Tora on Fedora. But that was a while back and things have progressed and we already have Fedora 16 (aka Verne). So, awhile back I installed Tora on my Fedora 16 and here are the steps to do so: First get the Tora sources from . Download the source tar file and extract the same. Install the delel for some of the packages that you will need: Continue reading
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