terminal.sexy for URxvt


Sometime back I posted about terminal.sexy – make your teminal sexy. I personally use URxvt terminal and hence need the xrdb files to apply the theme. It’s pain to go to the website everytime I want …

Color schemes for your terminal


Color Scheme for Gnome Terminal and Pantheon Terminal – here is the github page https://github.com/Mayccoll/Gogh/

View xml files like a pro


Viewing XML files can be daunting with tracking mentally where the tag starts and where it ends. So, I ended up with the following alias to help me view xml files

Fix display size on libvirt/Qemu guest


Lot of times I find myself of VM that does not correctly resize the screen display and that is literally nuisance. So, here is quick and dirty fix for this. First you need to find out information …

Change display manager on Fedora


Simple, just install and run the following

Remote X applications on local display in Fedora 11 (leonidas).


I wanted to open some X applications on my Fedora 11 local display over the ssh connections. I have used this in the previous versions of the Fedora and was looking to do the same in F11. Here are the …

PuTTY export client display on login for opening X application and terminal.


export DISPLAY=$(echo $SSH_CLIENT |awk '{print $1”:0.0”}’) […] Explanation: SSH_CLIENT contains the IP and the port of the client machine. So we need to export …

On screen display of a command


<a href="http://blog.amit-agarwal.co.in/category/linux/">Bookmark this category delay: 2d On screen display of a command. $ date|osd_cat This is very useful if you need to show someone …

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