journalctl command to see kernel messages


Sometimes, there are just too many messages in journalctl output and it becomes a mystery game to search for the messages you are looking for. But luckily you do not need to use grep to find the right …

speed up journalctl


Sometime back I noticed that whenever I run my favourite command, viz. journalctl -xn -f -l it was taking more time than usual. So, I thought to dig more into it and finally found that the following …

better bash debugging


I was trying to debug some bash scripts yesterday and learnt something new 😉 There are lot of things in bash that you can use to debug and to start with you can enable xtrace mode as follows: set -x …

debug call function() to debug a function in vim


Image via Wikipedia […] Have you ever wished that you could either see what is going on initially at the vim startup like you could do with C program in the gdm mode, but really did not want …

/bash debugger


In this section we’ll develop a very basic debugger for bash.[10] Most debuggers have numerous sophisticated features that help a programmer in dissecting a program, but just about all of them include …

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