Terminating a SSH session after starting background process.


 This is too good. If you are planning to start a background process in the bash script in the background and continue in the script, you cannot do it until……. You would need to close the stdout/stdin …

Easy ssh configuration with .ssh/config file


If you ssh to many hosts then you are aware of the pain that it takes to ssh with different username and hostname. There is an alias that you can creat with native ssh though. Here I will show you the …

PuTTY alternatives -


I like PuTTY quite a bit but do not like the fact that it does not have any tab feature. So, if I am working on multiple machines then un-necessarily I will have too many windows open cluttering my …

importing outlook pst files in evolution in Fedora 13 ( Goddard)


If you were using outlook and moved to some other <a class="zem_slink freebase/en/e-mail_client" title="Email client" rel="wikipedia" …

wmctrl – window control manager


What is <a class="zem_slink freebase/en/wmctrl" title="Wmctrl" rel="wikipedia" href="">wmctrl? wmctrl is a command that …

PuTTY export client display on login for opening X application and terminal.


export DISPLAY=$(echo $SSH_CLIENT |awk '{print $1&#8221;:0.0&#8221;}&#8217;) […] Explanation: SSH_CLIENT contains the IP and the port of the client machine. So we need to export …

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