zswap – compcache, compressed swap for better performance


First, here is a link to article on compcache. zswap is already in the kernel and you can see the documentation in the kernel …

force recheck on reboot – fsck


If you want to force a fsck re-check on reboot, then just touch /forcefsck Related articles Set some disk params to be safe Improve Boot Performance Ext4

Set some disk params to be safe


It is always “Better safe than sorry” so, here are some things you should do.. First check fstab, if you have partitions other than root then use UUID instead of device: …

rpmconf – Tool to handle rpmsave and rpmnew files


Install the utility: sudo yum install rpmconf Description: […] And finally run the utility: sudo rpmconf -a and if there is a conflict or rpmsave or rpmnew file, then you will see something …

Upgrade to Fedora 17 from 16.


As usual time in couple of days to upgrade to Fedora 17. Release schedule is for 05/22 and so its just around the corner. So, if you are looking at upgrading using yum, then make sure that you visit …


Introducing /run – what is this directory doing in my root directory?


Image via Wikipedia […] There is a suggestion to add /run directory that will be mounted as tmpfs. This directory will be mounted early in the boot process and …

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