Tora installation on Fedora 16 with rpm

2012-02-09 1 min read Database Fedora
[][1]Image via Wikipedia Last article I talked about tora installation from the sources, but if that is too much for you then you can use this one liner: rpm -ivh "" But if you like the hard way out, then you can always try this. Related articles Unrar in Fedora… ( Fedora Utils just got easier ( rpmorphan – deborphan for the rpm based distros. (

List all installed rpm packages and it’s size

2010-12-09 1 min read Fedora Linux
If you are looking for a command to see the disk usage by each of the rpm‘s then you can use this command: 1 <td> <div class="text codecolorer"> &nbsp;rpm -q --queryformat "%10{SIZE}\t%{NAME}\n" </div> </td> </tr> And if you use this command very regularly then you can create an alias like 1 <td> <div class="text codecolorer"> &nbsp;alias rpm_size='rpm -q --queryformat "%10{SIZE}\t%{NAME}\n" ' </div> </td> </tr> and use it like 1 Continue reading