Get the git url of current repo in clipboard


Lot of times, I just want to copy the git url to clipboard. This is so common in my flow of work that I created an alias for it. Here it is:

ssh – remove offending key.


Whenever a system/server is re-installed or the host key changed for any reason, you would have seen the “host key verification failed”. And as usual you would have to go to known_hosts file and …

bashrc with lots of functions and useful alias


Here is a link of a useful 10K lines bashrc You may not want to put the whole thing, but get an idea and use what you think can be helpful to you or at-least get an idea. …

Pimp your ls


Here are some of the things that you can do with your ls command. First off you can use alias’s to help you type the most typical ls commands. I will give you some examples: […] alias …

Know when you will type :q in your term instead of vi(m), the alias will chewed you out.


most simple solution is to alias :q like so: alias :q=`echo ”This is not vim”` but as someone suggested in commandlinefu, you can use tput to put some color and fun into this. …

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