configuration for afraid-dyndns on Fedora and other similar distro.

First install afraid-dyndns with the command:

sudo yum install afraid-dyndns

Now open the configuration file /etc/afraid-dyndns.cfg and we need to change the following:

Notify = root@localhost # leave empty to suppress notifications
CacheFile = /var/cache/afraid-dyndns/IP
AccountHash = <value>

For the Account hash, head over to login and then click one of the XML or the ASCII links there. Once the page has loaded, look at the URL which is of form:<number>


The number above that you see in the actual URL is the account hash that you need to configure in the config file. Though it is very simple but could never get this correctly 🙂 until today.

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Solved — Errors with afraid-dyndns in Goddard (Fedora 13)

Since I updated to the Fedora 13, I was getting error from the Dynamic DNS client for afraid. I was not getting enough time to fix this, so finally I decided to fix this in the night itself 🙂

On running


I was getting the error:

Entity: line 100: parser error : Opening and ending tag mismatch: br line 99 and div

Entity: line 118: parser error : Entity \’copy\’ not defined
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Entity: line 121: parser error : AttValue: \” or \’ expected
/link/?id=4668\’;} return(true);\”>\"\"\"\"

So here is the solution :

On further investigation I found that the issue was not with the afraid server but with getting the external IP. So I decided to use my own site to get the IP. And changed the following in the afraid-dyndns file:

Comment out the following code:

#$xml = get(\”\”);
#die \”Failed fetching IP address!\” unless $xml;
#echo (\”Got IP:\”. $xml);

#$o = XMLin($xml);
#$extip = $o->{proxy_ip}; # external address

And add the following line just below the just commented lines:

$extip = get(\”\”);
$extip =~ s/\\n//;

This change be sufficient to get you going again.. 🙂