phpmyadmin access problem and change server from URL

I was having issues with one of the phpmyadmin setups. The first server defined in the config file was not accessible and the theme that I was using was not allowing me to change the server from the first page. This resulted in a state where I was not able to access phpmyadmin in any […]

convert word document to html

First install the required package: sudo yum install wv Description: Description : Wv is a program that understands the Microsoft Word 6/7/8/9 : binary file format and is able to convert Word : documents into HTML, which can then be read with a browser. And here is the list of the programs that this utility […]

g flag in :s useless in vim

Some time back there was a post on vim_use list about the “/g” flag for the search and replace functionality of the vim. And the response of “Tim Chase” on the same was very elaborate and interesting. I always knew that “/g” is only for replacing multiple occurrences on the same line, but here are […]