sxiv – image viewer

sxiv is a nice alternative to feh. It is very light weight and quite useful. Here is the description:

Description :
sxiv is an alternative to feh and qiv. Its only dependency besides xlib
is imlib2. The primary goal for writing sxiv is to create an image viewer,
which only has the most basic features required for fast image viewing (the
ones I want). It works nicely with tiling window managers and its code base
should be kept small and clean to make it easy for you to dig into it and
customize it for your needs.

For installation, just do:

sudo yum install sxiv

Once installed you can run it with



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cksum – compare for multiple files.

If you have to compare cksum for couple of files, the you know how cumbersome it is. So, I wrote a simple script, wherein you can create a file called cksums in the current directory and copy paste the result ofย  “cksums *”ย  into this file, and then run this script. Cool ๐Ÿ™‚

#!/bin/bash -
#          FILE:
#         USAGE: ./
#   DESCRIPTION: Compare cksums of multiple files.
#       OPTIONS: ---
#          BUGS: ---
#         NOTES: ---
#        AUTHOR: Amit Agarwal (),
#       CREATED: 02/22/2013 09:12:17 PM IST
#      REVISION:  ---

while read line
    a=( $(echo $line) )
    if [[ -f ${a[2]} ]]
        b=( $(cksum ${a[2]}) )
        if [[ $a == $b ]]
            echo "Cksum for ${a[2]} = ${a[0]} matches"
            echo "Failed ::Cksum for ${a[2]} = ${a[0]} matches"
        echo "Failed :: file ${a[2]} does not exist"
done < $file
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IE8 – Developer Tools

Don’t start banging me for this, but I had to test something on Windows and thus found out this. I fย  you need to debug or test something on IE8 on Windows, then you can simply press “F12” and this will bring up the developer tools… could be useful to you, sometime if you are stuck with testing something on IE on windows ๐Ÿ™‚


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