30 Best Windows Mobile Applications

30 Best Windows Mobile Applications

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The main reason why people still love window mobile is because of its freeware applications and excellent add-ons. Windows Mobile users carry great access to third party applications than any other Mobile Operating system in the market. At the same time it might be confusing for the user to settle on which window mobile apps to download. So we at honeytechblog did a search and have compiled a list of Top 30 Best window mobile applications. These applications will ensure following features such as networking, themes, tools for tweak, music players, newsreaders, Internet browser, document manager and much more.

1. Facebook

The famous social networks is now a mobile application updated with latest news and posts.

facebook 30 Best Windows Mobile Applications

2. TwitToday

Twitter is one of the popular micro blogging site and all the twitter activities can be controlled with this windows application. Once it is added, a textbox is displayed into the screen.

Twittoday 30 Best Windows Mobile Applications

3. NET Compact Framework

Almost all applications in the mobile require .NET framework. This application has all the required libraries and the language required for .NET framework.

NET Compact Framework 30 Best Windows Mobile Applications

4. Viigo

This is a RSS feed that offers instant access to all favorite blogs, news, entertainment, finance, weather, reviews, games and much more.

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Skyline with Red color – from mobile.

Have you ever wondered, how the red skyline would look if you did not have your favourite camera with you to capture it. I had only my Samsung Omni Windows Mobile with me to capture this, do comment on how they look 🙂

Red Skyline
Red Skyline
Red Skyline
Red Skyline
Red Skyline
Red Skyline
Red Skyline
Red Skyline
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Best Mobile Internet Browser (Opera Mini vs. SkyFire)

Showdown: Best Mobile Internet Browser (Opera Mini vs. SkyFire) mobile internet browsersDo you browse the web on your mobile device? As cell phones get faster connection speeds, processors, bigger screens and better applications, it’s getting easier and easier to go online with them. Add in the fact that most websites have a mobile version now and it makes this an even simpler process.

Today, we’re going to decide which mobile Internet browsers is the best out there. After much research, I have narrowed it down to the top two, the Opera Mini and SkyFire browsers. If you’re tired of your mobile device’s stock browser, these are more than capable alternatives.

In this article, I am going to cover what these mobile Internet browsers have to offer, detailing their key features, supported operating systems, and whatever else I can find to be useful for all of your mobile browsing needs.

[Note]: Last year, Jeffry gave us 5 Mini Browsers For Mobile Phones, so mobile browsing has been a viable topic for some time now. If you really want to explore the past, check out Aibek’s Browsing Web on your Mobile Phone article from April of 2008. Mobile devices have changed dramatically since this time, so let’s explore what’s changed in mobile browsing.

Opera Mini mobile web browser

Supports * BlackBerry * iPhone/iPod/iPad * Windows Mobile * Android * Java phones

To download Opera Mini, use your phone’s default browser to visit m.opera.com. You can find more options here.

SkyFire mobile web browser

Supports * Android * Windows Mobile * Nokia/Symbian (Series 60)

The SkyFire mobile Internet browser has come a long way since we first covered it back in December 2008. It supports bookmarks, pinch-to-zoom, and visual multi-tab browsing, for starters. Tabbed scrolling is very similar to the Safari browser on the iPhone, and you can scroll between up to 8 screens.

With its new SkyBar (SkyFire 2.0), the browser will catch flash videos on a given page, giving you the option to watch them in full screen. That’s right, SkyFire plays flash web video.

mobile internet browsers

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