Your own local search engine.

There are times when you would want to have a local search engine capable of indexing even pdf and doc files. So here is a solution.

You can use “Omega” and here are the instructions.

download omega from http://

yum install xapian libuuid-devel

And then make and install omega and for this you can follow the instructions.

Federated Search Engine Diagram
Federated Search Engine Diagram (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Create index using command omindex
and then you can use quest or to search or you can setup the cgi way so that you can use local browser to search.

You can setup cron with following to update the index regularly:

omindex -p --db /var/lib/omega/data/default --url /URL /path/to/index
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Another nice and feature rich alternative to Google Search

Image representing Duck Duck Go as depicted in...
Image via CrunchBase

Some time back I had written a post on Scroogle. Scroogle is good, it provides privacy. But if you want more for your browsing experience, something that you thought was always missing in a lot of search engines, then there’s a better search engine and it is DuckDuckGo.

The very first reason that you may want to use this search engine is that it does not bubble you and neither it tracks you.

Here is the link to an article that presents response from Matt Cutts of Google.

Here is the list from their about page as to why you may want to use this search engine:

DuckDuckGo is a general purpose search engine like Google or Bing.

• Get way more instant answers

Zero-click info above the links (red box).

• Less spam and clutter

We ban those useless sites with just ads.

• Lots and lots of goodies

Special searches (tech), syntax & settings.

• Real privacy

We don’t track you!  (Illustrated guide.)

Bubble or personilazation of search result and/or SSL and privacy are not the reasons that I liked the search engine. There are some features in this search engine that you would definately like.

Here is a link to their goodies page.You will see that its real well thought out and does provide a lot of “bang” syntax which I for one is definately finding useful.

There are quite some other features that you will find useful, so what are you waiting for. Browser addon for Firefox, here.

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Xoost – Search engine

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Xoost is a community search engine. From Xoost page:

Imagine you are searching for a topic related to your favourite Music, Travel destinations, Events. With Xoost you will benefit from the exponential value of doing it much more productively together with your friends or family members. It’s all about sharing Search skills & Knowledge.

Xoost diaplays result from Google, Yahoo and Bing all in one page. If you like a page you can mark it or share it with others. So this is one good feature that is quite useful. Also there is a Search extension available for firefox for Xoost.