Know when you will type :q in your term instead of vi(m), the alias will chewed you out.

most simple solution is to alias :q like so:
alias :q=`echo \”This is not vim\”`

but as someone suggested in commandlinefu, you can use tput to put some color and fun into this.
alias :q=\’tput setaf 1; echo >&2 \”this is NOT vi(m) :/\”; tput sgr0\’

Multiple search in vim

I was looking at a log file and needed to highlight multiple search items to make the logs more readable. I got into multiple threads suggesting various cryptic vim commands but I was in no mood to remember them. So, I finally hit this.

This is a cool vim script which you can use to highlight multiple search patter. You can simply add a search term by doing

\":S\"earch <pattern>

By default it is configured to have four colors but you can change that. Also when you want to reset the search you can simply do:



Vi/VIM and Unix/Linux cheatsheets.

I found quite a lot of good information today morning.

Some really good info on vi/vim. I liked the this one:\”Also, you don\’t have to use the / command as a separator. Anything typed after s will become the separator\”

Some of the best collection of vi/vim tips: (though a lot of them do not have explanations)

Top 10 Best Cheat Sheets and Tutorials for Linux / UNIX Commands