uptimed – keep track of your system uptime.

Uptimed is an up time record daemon keeping track of the highest
up times the system ever had.

Uptimed has the ability to inform you of records and milestones
though syslog and e-mail, and comes with a console front end to
parse the records, which can also easily be used to show your
records on your Web page

Installation :

sudo yum install uptimed

Once installed, you will have to first create the boot id with this command:

uptimed -b

After you have done that, you can see the boot records with the following commands:

# Uptime | System Boot up
-> 1 0 days, 00:37:05 | Linux 3.3.0-4.fc16.i686 Sun Apr 1 12:30:32 2012
NewRec 0 days, 00:37:04 | since Sun Apr 1 12:30:32 2012
up 0 days, 00:37:05 | since Sun Apr 1 12:30:32 2012
down 0 days, 00:00:00 | since Sun Apr 1 12:30:32 2012
%up 100.000 | since Sun Apr 1 12:30:32 2012

And if you want to see the same on you web-server then just copy the uprecords binary to your cgi-bin direcotry and you are done.

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Google gravity for fun

Image representing Google Search as depicted i...
Image via CrunchBase
1) Write ‘Google Gravity‘ in Google search box,press enter. 2) Click on the 1st result that appears i.e. Google Gravity. 3) Wait 2 seconds. Something cool will happen. 4) Play with it for a while. 5) Then write any word in the Google search bar and press Enter. 6) Wait and see. Something even cooler will happen ๐Ÿ™‚ Awesome !!!..
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30 Best Windows Mobile Applications

30 Best Windows Mobile Applications

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The main reason why people still love window mobile is because of its freeware applications and excellent add-ons. Windows Mobile users carry great access to third party applications than any other Mobile Operating system in the market. At the same time it might be confusing for the user to settle on which window mobile apps to download. So we at honeytechblog did a search and have compiled a list of Top 30 Best window mobile applications. These applications will ensure following features such as networking, themes, tools for tweak, music players, newsreaders, Internet browser, document manager and much more.

1. Facebook

The famous social networks is now a mobile application updated with latest news and posts.

facebook 30 Best Windows Mobile Applications

2. TwitToday

Twitter is one of the popular micro blogging site and all the twitter activities can be controlled with this windows application. Once it is added, a textbox is displayed into the screen.

Twittoday 30 Best Windows Mobile Applications

3. NET Compact Framework

Almost all applications in the mobile require .NET framework. This application has all the required libraries and the language required for .NET framework.

NET Compact Framework 30 Best Windows Mobile Applications

4. Viigo

This is a RSS feed that offers instant access to all favorite blogs, news, entertainment, finance, weather, reviews, games and much more.

More ..

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